1- I get better results and feel more productive when I am under pressure or working on a tight deadline.

2- It is common for unplanned problems to pop-up during my daily activities.

3- In the days that I rest, I normally spend good part of the day watching television, playing or surfing the Internet.

4- I have some time set up for myself and in it I can do whatever I feel like.

5- When I receive a new e-mail message, I normally take a quick look to preview its content.

6- I undertake appointments with other people or accept new positions in the company, even if I do not really like this new activity, if it leads to a pay increase or a new promotion.

7- I read a lot of unnecessary e-mails, containing jokes, chains, advertisements, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

8- I normally take part of meetings without fully knowing the theme being discussed, why I should be taking part or the results that might arise from these meetings.

9- I cannot finish everything I planned to do for my day and I need to work overtime or even take work home.

10- I regularly practice sports, eat properly and have the leisure time I desire.

11- It´s common reduce my lunch time or even eat while working to complete a project or task.

12- I am used to visiting regularly relevant people in my life, such as friends, relatives, and children.

13- I usually procrastinate the delivery of reports, calculation of income tax returns, Christmas shopping, study for a test and other activities to a date close to the deadline.

14- I can safely say that I am able to do everything that I like in my life and that time is passing by in the right pace.

15- When I want something, I define this objective by writing, establishing deadlines in my agenda, monitoring the achieved results and comparing them to those at the outset.

16- I usually go to events, parties or courses, even if against my will, in order to please my boss, my friends or family.

17- My tasks or meeting have been behind schedule over the last few weeks.

18- I write down plans for everything I need to do during my week.

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